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Respectful Housing


  • Local Leasing
  • Credit Checks
  • Previous Rental Checks
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Minimize Risk
  • Pro-Active Property Management
  • Transparent Fixed-Fee's

Hamilton, Milton, Thorold, and more.

Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Brantford, and more.

Kitchener, Niagara Falls, Waterloo, and more.


Choosing the tenant from a pile of applications requires a genuinely careful and thorough review to ensure the right choice.  The Property Co. uses extensive selection criteria to help efficiently and effectively find you the dependable and trustworty tenant who can be relied upon to pay the rent, to pay on time, and to treat your investment with care.


Your investment property generates revenue when occupied by a quality tenant.  Getting the right quality tenant requires attracting the right applicants from a broad base of prospective tenants.  The Property Co. markets vacancies through various websites as well as social media platforms that target prospective tenants from your suitable focus market.


In addition to helping you to find the right tenant, The Property Co.  also helps you to keep the right tenant.  The Property Co. can handle everything from collecting rents to receiving maintenance requests and promptly dispatching the right contractors.  You can feel assured that the tenant and the problem will receive deserved attention.


      Effective maintenance can:

  • optimise performance
  • prevent the process of decay and deprivation
  • maintain structural stability and safety
  • prevent unnecessary damage from the weather or from general usage
  • help inform plans for renovation, refurbishment or retrofitting
  • determine the causes of defects and so help prevent re-occurrence or repetition
  • ensure continued compliance with statutory requirements
  • maintain the asset values of buildings

Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance can cover your belongings from things such as fire, theft, water damage and more.

Rent Collection & Processing

Collecting rent payments is one of the most important aspects of being a successful landlord.  Rental income is your cash flow and the essence of your business. A strong rent collection process ensures that you always collect rent on time.

The Property Co. sends tenants a secure link to remind them of their upcoming payments and allows for smooth and easy payments each month.

Rent Paid
Rent Paid

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